Standing firm and holding the line

by Steve Wedd


These are very difficult times for that part of the legal profession that does criminal work paid for under the legal aid scheme.  Relentless cuts followed by existential threats such as two tier contracts has left many with frayed nerves.  On one level there has been unprecedented unity with recent meetings involved not just the CLSA and LCCSA but even the much maligned Big Firm Group (BFG) as well as the CBA.

During my campaign for the CBA Vice-Chair I argued that we badly needed unity around a common set of demands that barristers and solicitors could put to the MoJ together.  I accept this isn’t easy.  Different groups have different priorities and not everyone seems to share the same desired outcomes.  It was a major coup to get the BFG on board in the current dispute because it has long been assumed that in general terms at least they…

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