EDF Energy Customer Service Hove

by Steve Wedd

EDF Energy

PO Box 140



Dear Sirs

Complaint of bad service

I wrote the enclosed white letter for you today.

Since I knew that I was passing your offices in Hove, I took it with me to guarantee delivery and to save a stamp. It says ‘recorded delivery’ on it because I was going to photograph myself sticking in into your letterbox and thus record the delivery.

I went to your fine offices and looked for the letterbox. Surprise number 1 – there is none. As I was looking around this gentleman beckoned me inside the revolving doors towards him. I went inside.

I handed him the letter, clearly addressed to your company, and turned to leave. He wanted to know my name. Surprise number 2. I said ‘Its on the letter there’ and went to leave. He asked me to write my name on the letter outside. Surprise number 3.

Since the contents of my note are confidential between us, I was not disposed to discuss my business with the help. I said, ‘All I’m doing is dropping off this letter’ and went to leave.

He said, “I won’t take it in. If you leave it here I will throw it in the bin”. I was now beyond surprise – I was gobsmacked. Still, he’s entitled to a second hearing, so I asked him to repeat himself and he said it again – “I will throw it in the bin”.

I took my letter home and now return it to you by a postman. No doubt you will ask the postie his name and the author of every letter that he has for you in his sack before he can leave them.

Why have you no letterbox?

Is this rude and useless person the best help you can get?

Does his job description include refusing post?

What does he do when the postman calls?

Is he seriously the ambassador for your company when addressing customers?

I hope that my tweets showing his face are widely copied and circulated.

I look forward to hearing from you in writing.

Yours faithfully,

Steve Wedd