What niggles me? I’ll tell you what niggles me. Mate.

by Steve Wedd

Daily annoyances. Tick here if you share my frustration. Comment if I am getting it wrong. Please don’t bother to tell me that I have too much time on my hands – I know that already.

Bus queues – passenger for this bus who stands at the door fumbling for change. Did they not expect to have to pay?

Still in public transport – train passengers who wait at the ticket electronic gate, blocking it for those behind, while looking out their ticket. Prepare.

My current biggie – supermarket queues. You join the queue (for the present purposes it matters not how long that queue is – you’ll see why shortly). As you near the till person, the bing bong goes ‘all queue busters to checkouts please’.

Your purpose is to acquire stuff you probably don’t need, don’t want to buy, with money you don’t have and can’t afford. For the shop, your main purpose in queuing is to get other customers served quicker.

And while I’m on it….

At Lewes Crown Court there are a few interview rooms for lawyers to meet clients in private to talk about their cases. Solid doors for audio and visual privacy – quite right and well done. However, there are no spy holes in those doors.

This means that in the morning rush hour, anyone working inside the consultation rooms is interrupted every five minutes by someone else outside the room wanting the room and trying their luck. This causes continual door knocks and breaks in concentration.

I have asked for spy holes. I have offered to buy the bloody things from beeandqueue and even offered to drill the holes myself. Declined.

I could go on. I will, another day.