The ballad of Steak Pants Man and the Criminal Courts Charge

by Steve Wedd

The Secret Barrister

This week brought forth a shimmering example of the perfect insanity of former Justice Secretary Chris Grayling’s parting gift to the criminal justice system.

Insanity for which you, the taxpayer, are going to pay.

In his last weeks in office, Mr Grayling snuck in through the legislative back-door secondary legislation giving effect to the Criminal Courts Charge – a mandatory fixed fee of up to £1,200 to be paid by any defendant convicted of a criminal offence committed after 13th April 2015.

A policy that was presumably the product of a focus group comprised of Mail Online commenters and the man behind John Major’s Cones Hotline, the Criminal Courts Charge is designed to Make Criminals Pay Their Way. Or rather, to allow Mr Grayling to proudly tell The Sun that he is Making Criminals Pay Their Way, while in fact invoicing the taxpayer for his vanity.

Because the…

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