Life’s not that good

by Steve Wedd

Sussex Police budget unlocked


The Police in Sussex have just realised that the capital budget for 2014-15 is underspent. They have acquired about 22 brand new tellies and DVD players for their interview suites in six sites across the Counties. Lovely, shiny, LG 32” flat screens, and tiny compact super DVD players.


(On a personal note, I regret the passing of one of the old CRT boxes because in one interview I was in, the defendant, realising that this offence would not get him locked up for the winter, and failing to get the officers attention by random abuse of authority, decided that the winning move would be to throw the television on the floor, in the presence of the interviewer, me, appropriate adult and all. For years afterwards, the yellow hazard tape on the corner of that box allowed me to demonstrate to newbies the meaning of criminal damage – a helpful learning aide. But that’s enough about me.)


The new televisions face the suspect in the interview room. CCTV is often employed to prove guilt. Imagine then, the suspect on the wrong end of a serious allegation – theft is commonplace, but CCTV has its role to play in sexual offending too.


As the interview progresses, the officers interviewing play their trump card – it’s the hotel lobby or the nightclub where the pickup was made; or it’s the cab ride home. He (usually is him) in trainers and smart duds. She in nightclub gear. On goes the telly. Up comes the splash screen. Remember that these are all LG units? LG stands for Lucky Goldstar, a fine multinational from Korea.


Their tag line is ‘Life’s good’. Oh yeah?